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Lucky Dog Saloon

There is a lot going on at the Lucky Dog Saloon.


Moving all his chips into the pot, the hombre in the hat is ready to draw his six-shooter, when he suspects his sly opponent is cheating. Things get a little tense when Dapper Dan kicks over a spittoon, trying to distract the hombre from noticing an ace conveniently lying next to his leg.


Bottle and glasses go flying as Miss Lilly, the bar maid, is startled by the noise and drops her tray.


The local sheriff, John Law, knows these two characters and is waiting to see how the ruckus gets settled. He’s ready to haul the pair to the hoosegow, if needed.


Bartender Black Jack McCoy is keeping an eye on the pair of card players – ready to make a quick move to save the whiskey bottles from ricocheting bullets.


In the background, you’ll see just another friendly game of poker. This one seems a little calmer.


“Come with me” is what the cowboy hears from the lovely lady on the stairs. Should he follow her?

 It looks like that cowpoke sitting against the back wall has had a little too much to drink.

Lucky Dog Saloon - Original Oil on canvas 36 x 60

Giclee Framed - 24 x 40 - and 30 x 50