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“What’s Your Pleasure”   48 x 60 oil on canvas.

Each bottle or can is a mini life-sized painting within the painting, and was selected for its subject, color and balance. The entire process took a total of 10 months to complete.

"Laguna South"  is a 24 x 48 oil on canvas.  

The painting depicts a fun time on the trolley at Cress Street and Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach. 

"The Proposal" - 24 x 36  Oil on canvas
With footprints in the sand and the glow of the sunset on the beach, "The Proposal" captures a special moment for two people just below the cliffs of Heisler Park in Laguna Beach.

Summer's Gone

"Summer's Gone" - 24 x 48 Oil on canvas

When I was a kid, my friends and I found a huge oak tree in the woods behind our home, so we decided to build a tree hut.
We borrowed some surplus materials from a construction site down the road and labored half the summer dangling from branches 40 feet from the ground, sawing and nailing to complete the main floor.
But we weren't finished.
Returning to the construction site, we stumbled upon a giant wooden spool with 2 inch thick rope. We procured 50 feet of the rope and completed our tree hut by adding a 40 foot Tarzan Swing. What a summer that was.
As I find myself in the fall of life, I fondly look back and remember the great seasons of my life.    "Summer's Gone"